So I finally got the win on this map with Mordor. I basically created the single hugest megaspam I ever have attempted with them ever in the subsequent history of ever. My thinking? I had no other options left to get a win. I had lost with Mordor once already. Dramatic steps had to be taken, and luck to be on my side… because they could draw Lorien and then I’d be fucked. Isengard would have been my doom also. But I drew Angmar, and they are kinda slow, and most of their starting stuff can be killed pretty easily. Orcs just overwhelmed them. They were beating me back most of the game, but then I got serious and ended it abruptly. 

In 42:29 I created 4,381 units. My unit kill to death ratio was .28. Yeah. I know. Shameful. But effective! My economy topped out at 1542.74 per minute. AI was right behind me at 1.4k. It’s a fair opponent, it just doesn’t have any original thinking. It can’t adapt to a change in gameplay like a human can. It doesn’t counter effectively either. But it is still a challenge. I was stuck on this one for a while. I just said, what do I have left to lose? Same old strategy not workin’ for ya’? Spice it up with three times the spam! I had 5 fully queued unit production buildings. The spam was on. It was so fucking on.