I was Mordor and AI was Imladris. It was basically a spam. I made thousands of orcs, and finished them off with catapults. There was lothing they could do about my numbers. I had so many units. The map was my stay covered in my units. That’s how you win. Take control of the map. 

As you can see, it was looking like AI had me. But my flow increased slowly and my population cap kept going up. So I was amassing a great deal many more units than the AI had. Fucking orc warriors are FREE. they just cost cap. But my economy rocks. It’s a great balance, making sure your income is good while cranking units. And cranking faster. You have to smother Imladris. Their units are insanely powerful. Can’t allow them to get secure. Never let it hold the muddle, and then never stop advancing. They had those Loremasters after me too. Destroying my catapults. So the chart is true. I came outa nowhere and delivered the killing blow. Game over.