I drew Angmar, Lothlorien, Gondor and Rohan and lost badly with each. Then I drew Angmar again and I made a little progress being more assertive, but still lost. Then it really clicked with Dwarves. I went Erebor for the axe throwers, and even the most basic army I could muster held the middle and did not let it go. I got the resource building up to level 3, because I had things under control. I took both outposts, and then just cranked on high power units. In this case Arkengarde. I didn’t do more than 1 hero battalion. It was over before it really began. AI drew Gondor and they just couldn’t keep up with me. My pikes handled their knights, my infantry outnumbered them consistently. It was a crushing victory. Resounding after so many defeats. This map always poses problems. The AI is much more aggressive than in other ones. Something to think about.