You’d think that the higher that number gets, the better a job you are doing at the game since technically you are killing more things of theirs than they are of yours. But it’s not always a telltale sign of success, as demonstrated by the following data set:

  1. Angmar = 1.79
  2. Dwarves = 1.61
  3. Lothlorien = 1.27
  4. Gondor / Arnor = .97
  5. Isengard = .74
  6. Mordor = .34

So I have 12 wins with Mordor, more than anyone else. Noteworthy. I know Imladris might be on top of this list if only the game kept track of theirs and Rohan’s data. No interface built for 9 factions. Only 7. So I have to make due with the data I have. 

So far, I see some measure of success associated with a high unit kill / death ratio. I’m successful with Angmar, and they are in the top spot. But Dwarves? Only 4 wins with those guys to date. Not a strong suit. Though they are powerful. No doubt about that. 

But I’m best with Mordor because I make thousands of units in your average 45 minute game. It’s too much to counter. Surrender is inevitable. But the ratio stays low since the battlefield is overrun. It works pretty good. All except against Lothlorien. 

Overall I’d say the ratio has a part to play in every strategy, whether it is focal or irrelevant. It’s good that the game tracks it. Now if only we could get Rohan and Imladris.