Lost here initially with Rohan, and then it dealt me Rohan again and I lost with them AGAIN. But on the third draw I got Mordor, and you know how I am with them. And vs Gondor no less. A match of epic proportions. 

First off, I started winning the unit battle, and expanded my population to accommodate more map control. That spike happens about the same time I gain control of my friendly-side outpost. I had three orc pits cranking once I had constructed it. I grabbed the outpost early on, as well, like I did on Celebdil. It was a well orchestrated assault. 

But the game thinks I was losing most of the way, until a decisive victory. AI had me reeling a couple of times, but I always recovered, and reasserted even further afterward. The graph doesn’t tell the whole story. It even looks like AI had a higher score than me even though I won. Silly. But the result is a win on a tough map either way.