So we’ve run into a problem with this one and that’s us how to start fast enough to counter what’s coming. Because they come in and don’t ever stop. I have thus far been able to counter. Mordor lost, but so did Dwarves, Gondor and Angmar. I thought I had something with Mordor, but then my unit count went into the cellar, and I was in trouble… that was the first harbinger of my doom, and the next was soon to follow when his units started flooding into my half of the map. His unit count had skyrocketed. 

So I’m going to try again on Fangorn with an early hero and a way to get an outpost quickly. There are 4 of them up for grabs. 

I got Lorien on Fangorn against Angmar and that got me the win. Lorien’s economy just gets going so fast. Crazy income, or so it would seem. But there’s no denying they can expand on the map rapidly. I can take more ground with Lorien than I can with anyone except Imladris. Because dang. Rivendell swordsman is no joke. 

So I got the KO the same way I usually do with Lorien: pin them back with silverthorn arrows and then crush the base with Ents. I start forge first to get to silverthorn the fastest, and I’m still not even competitivenon that front. If it were a real human player I’d be utterly fucked. But there’s a guy at work who might be joining in the fun. We shall see.