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Round 1

I just did a reset and reinstalled my game to clear the slate. I set the AI to Medium, since it is most similar in behavior to a human opponent and gameplay has been very competitive. I play on 1 v 1 maps only. No 1 v 1 fortress/stupid maps either (Cirith Ungol, Khazad Dum, Paths of the Dead).

2-6-17 – End of Round 1
1. Mordor – 10 wins

2. Gondor / Arnor  – 8 wins

3. Isengard – 6 wins

4. Imladris – 5 wins

5. Angmar – 5 wins

6. Lothlorien – 4 wins

7. Dwarves – 4 wins

8. Rohan – 2 wins


My unit kill to death ratio is .69, which should tell you a great deal about the strategy  I employ.  With the right faction, it works fabulously. However, I’m not yet fully able to take advantage of the other races the way I do the top three. Imladris is a really cool faction, but I have no fucking clue how to deal with a spam when I’m playing them. I need to diversify if I’m going to survive on random.

Thankfully, some practice has enabled a better win total for Imladris than I was expecting at this point. I got through a map I had been stuck on with a five-point spam with Mordor. I had 3 Mordor barracks all producing a mix of orcs, plus one hut on an outpost that was doing solid orc warriors. AND I had a Cirith-Ungol making Uruks when possible. 4,300 units later, win! 

That’s why Mordor ended up on top. That strategy is hard to overcome. It just never stops. Never. You have to plow through it in order to gain any ground. It kills everyone. All except Lothlorien… they fucking trash my orcs. There’s no hope if two or three battalions of Lorien archers get together. Then it doesn’t matter how fast you build ’em. They can cut ’em down even faster. And the archers level off the orcs and are ridiculously deadly in not too long. It’s Mordor’s one weakness. Those fucking elves. Slay them, slay them all!

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